Don’t Spend Too Much On Technology

  • Deals, Discounts Ask for deals/discounts, i’m sure you’ll get one.
  • Purposeful Delay Don’t sign the contract right away, delay it, vendors will approach you with better rates.
  • Research Ask around or have someone from your team to do the research. Make sure you involve developers, they usually love to jump in and test or try a new software product/solution. Organize a hack-a-thon, ask for volunteers, buy them a food/pizza.. developers can do wonders for you :-)
  • Technology stack Take your time to understand how the product is built on, extensibility, can you integrate with your existing products/solutions (if you have any), learning curves,
  • Ask for Proof-of-concepts Ask for these before making the sale
  • Don’t buy the latest version Don’t fall into this trap of trying to go for a newly released version. Of course the latest version will always be the best and companies will try to push them but the general rule of thumb for buying software products is to but an older version so it matures, community/users find bug and gets fixed. The latest release always will have some risk. Sales teams may not agree with me, but ask any experienced software developer / consultant / architect will say the same.
  • Less or no customizations Insist on Out-of-the-box solutions or features. This is where software vendors make a lot of money on their Consulting Practices. So much that they form separate divisions, engage Partners. And partners also make loads of money. Consider how big these Consulting companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Sapient, TCS
  • SOW’s Read these thoroughly before you sign them. Software vendors use this like a Bible for anything they do and talk after you close the deal.
  • Billing Watch what the vendors‘ consultants are billing on? why should you pay if they charge you for the hours a developer/team had to spend on fixing a bug on their product. Of course that may be related to your project, but still.. don’t pay. Keep a close eye.
  • Product bugs Report these promptly and make sure you get something like a free-consulting-time for the fix.
  • Support Insist and be very specific on how you report, escalate, when they will respond, fix, what can they do if they cannot fix
  • Free upgrades, trial versions Ask for free upgrades when they launch a new version of the product, send you free trails
  • Conferences Software vendors showcase your project/implementation in their annual conferences to get more business. Ask for free attendance for your team, free sponsorship, free training sessions..



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Suren Konathala

Suren Konathala

Software Engineering Manager, Programmer, Architect, Inventor, Speaker and Writer. Works @HeroDigital